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A Letter from the developer

River Forest is not your average Chicago suburb. It is a community that generation after generation return to raise their families. Neighbors are friends and many of those friends are like family. That is a unique quality that speaks volumes for what a wonderful and special place it is – special to many, but especially to me.

After beginning my real estate career more than twenty years ago, I knew without question I would return to River Forest to raise my children as my parents raised me, my brother, and my sisters. Years ago, Lake and Lathrop was often considered the center of town. Picking up the Christmas tenderloin from the River Forest Market...treating the kids to a twinkle cone from Annie’s after school...catching up with old friends over lunch at Traveling Fare…the area was flush with small businesses that local residents frequented and everybody “knew your name.”

The opportunity to now be part of a truly innovative development that seeks to revitalize the area while maintaining the values that make River Forest is an extremely personal, important, and exciting project for me. It is not every day, that you encounter the opportunity to give back to your hometown in such an impactful way.

Striking the right balance of history and tradition while incorporating growth and innovation to keep our community vibrant and flourishing is a challenge I take a great deal of pride in. Having great successes in mixed-use developments and strong ties to the community, I am confident this development will capture the values and tradition of River Forest while improving the community for generations to come.



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Founded in 1996 by Marty Paris, Sedgwick Development has grown to be one of the leading development companies in Chicagoland and beyond. Focusing on both the residential and commercial arenas, Sedgwick has built a sterling portfolio by creating value in coveted districts and distinctive communities. 

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Old Town Place

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